For VisChem Participants

4-day, all-expenses paid (including transportation, housing, and meals), professional development for high school chemistry teachers.

At the VisChem Institute, teachers will learn the research foundation and pedagogical moves for the VisChem Approach. The VisChem Approach uses carefully produced dynamic visualizations with teaching strategies informed by a cognitive learning model. Key to VisChem is communication of internal visualizations using storyboards (drawings with explanation) of chemical and physical changes.

After the VisChem Institute, teachers and their students will also have the opportunity to participate in a study of the VisChem Approach which examines teacher and student learning in the Institutes and teachers' classrooms. Study participants receive an annual stipend of $200 for up to three years. Participating teachers will also have conference travel expenses covered to share their new learnings with other chemistry teachers at the 2021 ChemEd Conference.